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A full description can be seen below the 'Add to Basket' button. Please note that this is the vegan listing (also suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher). A link to standard listing can be seen within the full description.

Please allow upto 10 working days for them to be made in addition to the delivery timescale. If you need them faster, please check with us before ordering.
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This is the listing for the contents that are suitable for vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher.  Please see HERE for the standard equivalent listing.

Sweet striped bags

Want a more environmentally friendly option than plastic sweet cones?  Then choose our filled striped sweet bags!  Containing the same amount of sweets as the cones, our sweet bags are available in a variety of different coloured stripes to match your favourite colour.  They can be personalised with a special sticker label and a small amount of curling ribbon.  As paper bags breathe more than plastic, the sweets are always ‘double-bagged’ to aid longevity of the sweets. If the bags are kept closed, they should be great for about 3 weeks once made, although the expiry date of the contents is much longer than this!  We would therefore advise letting us know when you need them for at time of ordering. We will leave the packaging up until as near the time as possible, to help keep the bags and their contents looking lovely and fresh for you.


Our sweet bags come in two sizes.  The volume of sweets they contain is the same as for the cones.  The filled bags measure approximately (once closed): Small: 11.5 x 9cm, Medium: 11.5 x 13.5cm.


We are happy print any label design that you like on our 37mm round sticker labels.  Just let us know what theme and text you would like on your sticker label when ordering. We will either tweak an existing design, or create a new one for you.  We will email you a proof to approve prior to printing. Full instructions for designing your label can be found here.  Please note that the printed colour may vary slightly from any images seen on screen due to calibration differences.  To keep our stickers more environmentally friendly, they aren’t plastic coated.


The sweet bags are usually ready to be sent out within 7-10 working days, however we do recommending checking with us if ordering large quantities at busy periods.  If you need them faster than this, please just get in touch before ordering.  We will always try to help if we possibly can.

Please allow time for the delivery to take place in addition to the above timescale.

Bag Discolouration

To help keep our striped paper sweet bags environmentally friendly and recyclable they aren’t lined with plastic. As a result some discolouration of the striped paper bags may occur from the gelatine-based sweets. To try and keep this to a minimum, we double-bag them and try and stand them upright in the boxes for you, but it is possible that you may still see some discolouration marks on the bags. Rest assured that this does not affect the quality or longevity of the sweets inside, which will still be lovely and yummy!


We are happy to tailor all of our sweet bags and cones for any event, but please bear in mind that sweets may not be suitable for very young children under the age of 3.  We do not include large boiled sweets in any of our regular-filled cones or bags to help keep them safer.

We do not put sweets known to contain nuts in our sweet cones or bags.

Vegan Sweet Cones

We want our sweet bags to be perfect for everyone.  For this reason we have introduced this vegan option.  Perfect for everyone, our vegan cones are all vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher friendly.  The only downside is that there is a small additional charge and some of the vegan alternative sweets do cost more than the regular ones, so the vegan cones are more costly to make. Simply select the vegan option above.

Please note that the vegan cones normally contain vegan mallows.  The vegan mallows do not contain milk, but do carry an allergen warning for possible trace of milk. This is because products containing milk are made in the same factory as the vegan mallows.  If you would prefer your cones without the mallows, please just let us know and we will increase the other vegan sweets to compensate. Please note that children who are used to regular non-vegan mallows, may not be quite as keen on the vegan versions.


Our regular and vegan filled cones do not contain nuts.  They do carry the following allergen warnings though:

Vegan Bags

* Vegan Small: Gluten, Wheat, Sulphites.
* Vegan Medium: Gluten, Wheat, Sulphites.


Each individual cone now features a small allergen warning label. A full ingredients and allergy information leaflet is also included with each delivery. This will state each sweet, and the ingredients within it, along with the allergens clearly shown. If anyone needs to check the ingredients list when you hand the cones out, you will have this information immediately to hand. If you would like additional copies of this leaflet, please just let us know when ordering.

For a full ingredients list, please click one of the following links:

Vegan Small Bags

Vegan Medium Bags

Large Quantity Discounts

Ordering a larger quantity?  Quantity discounts are automatically applied at checkout for larger orders. Please the below tables for the discount rates (discounted prices will only show if you have selected a size in the drop-down box).


All of our cones are food safe and made from 5PP (polyproylene). They can be recycled with your regular household plastic.

Unfortunately the curling ribbon is not generally recyclable.

The following discounts apply across our whole range of sweet cones & party bags
Quantity Discount Discounted price
0 - 24 - -
25 - 49 2% -
50 - 74 3% -
75 - 99 4% -
100 + 5% -