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Payment Plans

While we have always kept our costs as low as possible, planning a wedding can start to get expensive.  We wouldn’t recommend cutting corners with your stationery though.  It is the one part of your wedding that is with your guests for a long time.  How your invitations are received builds to the expectations of your big day and sets the tone for what they might expect.  The themes from your invitations can tie through into your big day, especially with the focus that your table plan and place markers will receive. 

What is a payment plan and how does it work?

If your wedding is a little way off (or a long way off), you can start a payment plan.  This is where you can pay either a regular amount each month, or what you can when you can, so that when it comes to ordering or receiving your finished items, everything is already paid for. This can be as little or as much as you would like, at any time that you like.  When your stationery is ready for you, you then don’t have to try and come up with the payment, everything is already paid for.

Do you perform a credit check for your payment plans?

No, we don’t perform a credit check.  Payment plans work by spreading the cost before your event, so a credit check is never undertaken.

Can I change my payment plan?

Absolutely, yes.  You can start, stop and change your payment plan as much as you would like, as often as you like. You can also change your mind and withdraw your balance at any time, without any negative effects.

Can someone else contribute to my Payment Plan?

Yes they can.  It is becoming increasingly popular for family members to put money into a Payment Plan in lieu of an engagement gift.  When you setup the payment plan you get your own individual reference number.  All someone needs to do is to email us at quoting your Payment Plan reference and we will send them all the relevant details in a short email. Please do not just give them our payment details directly though, as they will receive an indivdual reference so that we can keep track of which payments come from you, and which payments come from someone else on your behalf.

The alternative is for a family member to buy you a gift card directly online. As with all gift cards, they are not refunded should they not be used though. If you have both a Payment Plan and Gift Card(s), the gift cards can be used up first, so that if you don’t spend the full amount saved, we can return what is in your Payment Plan.

What if I haven't paid enough, or I have paid too much?

If you haven’t paid enough to cover the cost when your items are ready, you simply pay the difference at the time.

Unlike a gift card, which can only be redeemed against our products, with a payment plan the money effectively stays yours.  If you have paid more into your payment plan than you need, we will simply return any extra money back to you.

Are there any costs involved in setting up or using a payment plan?

No, there are no costs in the opening, running or closing of a Payment Plan. There is also no interest accrued. The amount that you put in, is the exact amount that it is worth. Any purchases that go through will simply reduce the balance.  All that we ask is that any money that you put in arrives by bank transfer.  Once a month we will send you an update with how much is in your Payment Plan Account. You are welcome to check the amount with us at any time in between though.

What happens if I have a Payment Plan and I decide not to order from you?

Don’t worry. Obviously we hope that you will want to order from us, but if you decide that you don’t want to that is fine.

Interest in a product that we make or sell is not the same as placing an order.  Only once you confirm the order, at the point when we would need to order in the relevant materials, will the deposit amount be taken from your Payment Plan. It will be confirmed clearly to you when this stage is, prior to the materials being ordered, so that you can change your mind if you wish to do so and extract all of your money from the Payment Plan. At any time prior to this, you can change your mind for a full refund of everything that you have put into your Payment Plan. After that point, anything that you buy will obviously be deducted from your total, but you can always have the balance refunded to you at any point.

What happens if Cards by Cally stops trading?

This is a completely understandable question and one that you do not have to worry about.  Any money that you put into a Payment Plan does not go into our regular financial account. It is kept to one side, in a separate account that is not touched until you are effectively ‘spending’ it with your purchases.  This money is not invested or used or borrowed for any purpose.  It just sits in the account waiting for you. We do not touch it for any reason.

This works in a similar way to Atol keeping the money that you spend on your holiday in a separate account, and they only give it to the holiday company when you are about to go on your holiday. Your money stays in this separate account and will only be transferred into our main account when you have confirmed your order deposit/payment.

One of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is that they hit hard times and do not have enough in their accounts to pay their creditors. We do not pay any of our suppliers on a credit account basis.  We always pay for everything in full at the point of ordering, so we will never be in the situation where we are having accounts called in and firms demanding payments from us.

Although we are not planning on ceasing trading, if for any reason we would do so, your Payment Plan balances will be refunded back to you from this separate account.

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