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About Us

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How 'Cards by Cally' began...

My name is Cally and I started ‘Cards by Cally’ what feels like a long time ago! The original intention was not to start my own business though…

Way back in 2006, I had just got engaged to the man who is now my husband; Dave.  I did the same as most newly engaged and I tried to find everything that I wanted for my wedding.  I had an idea in mind, a booklet-style invitation, but I couldn’t find them anywhere at a reasonable price.  In the end I gave up looking as I couldn’t find any that were just right for me. That is when I decided to make my own. After my wedding, friends of mine started to ask me where I got my invitations, and then asked me to make their invites. Next thing I knew, their friends were asking me to make their invites as well. By the following year, word of mouth had spread and I was making invitations for people I had never met before. This was the beginnings of ‘Cards by Cally’.

Still a family-run business, we are delighted to be going from strength to strength. What we really want is for your special day to be absolutely amazing.

Whatever the event you are celebrating, you should have the freedom to have everything exactly as you would like it, without it costing you the Earth. We just like to help you on the way.

Wishing you all the best, Cally


Our environmental impact

W e understand the impact that using paper products has on the environment.  It is not just the trees themselves, but also the wildlife that lives on and around them, and even the oxygen that we breathe.  As a Mum, I want my children to grow up in a beautiful world.

We pride ourselves on sourcing as many of our products as we can from recycled materials.  Cardstock that isn’t recycled comes from paper-mills that use carefully managed forests, where new trees are replanted for every one felled. We even try to use eco-glitter wherever possible so that we minimise the world’s problems with micro-plastics. Even our packaging materials are either recycled or reused wherever possible.

The Founder

Cally Thomas

Cally Thomas

Founder of 'Cards by Cally', Cally is an animal enthusiast who is passionate about making things. She lives with her husband Dave and their two children, Matthew and Katie.

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